Antiepidemic products



 Face ID & Thermometer Access Control Terminal

The access control terminal integrates face recognition, infrared temperature measurement, 
access control and other technologies to provide safe and efficient epidemic prevention
management and access control for public The dual recognition and certification standards of
terminal face recognition and infrared wrist contact temperature measurement
(nano bactericidal material is used at the contact part, which is safe and provide epidemic
prevention security for office buildings, schools, shopping 
malls, stations, wharves, scenic spots,
hospitals, markets, airports and public places. The access control function of the access gate
can realize automatic control of non-human contact. The intercom function with 
can more embody the humanized epidemic prevention 
management of the application place.

High precision identification

Intelligent identification of condition of wearing face mask
Face recognition + infrared thermometry
With automatic control function of access gate



Using infrared thermometer to measure wrist, the temperature measurement time is 1s, the accuracy is ±0.2℃. The part of wrist contacted with infrared thermometer module is made of nano insoluble bactericidal
material, which is safe and efficient.

Real time audible and visual alarm for abnormal temperature, dual authorization of face recognition and body temperature measurement, and fast passage control gate.。

With 200ms accurate face recognition and 30000 face databases, it can resist mobile phone, computer photos, video, black and white photos, color photos and other nonliving attacks.

Introduced with visual intercom function,
the terminal is connected with the administrator end to make the management
convenient and fast.

Face recognition terminal is connected to the gate control, and the door is opened automatically after passing the double authorization of face recognition
and body temperature detection, safe and efficient.
It can identify the person who does not wear a face mask and automatically alarm to the management, so as to help the epidemic prevention.



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